About QB Scribe


The QB MRET Resonator System Pack


QB Scribe MRET Resonator System is designed for Home / Outdoor usage. It comes with a provision for 2 AA sizes batteries and thus is perfect for Travel, barbeque and picnic. Its features include a 30 minutes programmable indication system, 2 years fore warning system and termination after 7200 hours of usage.
MRET Polymer is designed for QB Resonator Deluxe System.

For Trade In or Replacement of QB Scribe MRET Resonator Head, please contact:

Quantum Biotech Pte Ltd

Call +65 6542 7518
or +65 915 98233

Email info@quantumbiotech.com.sg


- MRET Activator Unit (US Patent No.6022479)

- 2100 ml Food Grade Polycarbonate Water Jug – specially designed for outdoor activities

- Small Bottle Collar

- Tap Water Filter

- Faucet Adapter

- Universal AC Adapter (suitable for 100 volts to 230 volts)

- User Manual

- All About MRET in Resonator Book

- Warranty Cards


S$ 900.00


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