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The QB Resonator System Pack


QB Scribe MRET Resonator System is designed for Home / Outdoor usage. It comes with a provision for 2 AA sizes batteries and thus is perfect for Travel, barbeque and picnic. Its features include a 30 minutes programmable indication system, 2 years fore warning system and termination after 7200 hours of usage.


- MRET Activator Unit (US Patent No.6022479)
- 2100 ml Food Grade Polycarbonate Water Jug – specially designed for outdoor activities
- Small Bottle Collar
- Tap Water Filter
- Faucet Adapter
- Universal AC Adapter (suitable for 100 volts to 230 volts)
- User Manual
- All About MRET in Resonator Book
- Warranty Cards


S$ 900.00


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